We take a Reggio Emilia inspired approach to early childhood education, and have developed several programs that will inspire and enlighten the minds of each child.

Daycare in Vancouver, BC


We offer an enriched program that includes language development through songs and stories, recognition of the letters and sounds.


Learning numbers at an early age is so important. It is our goal to develop the child’s mind to recognize numbers and learn them by songs and repetition techniques.


Our teachers will introduce children to the importance of multi-culturalism, learning about holidays and traditions. It is important that children learn about different people, and that we are all the same.


Music allows children to use their voices expressively and to practice and experiment with new words. We offer daily song activities, and use music to learn language, math, culture and more.

Nap Time

Rest is an integral part of our daily regimen, so that each child can be refreshed and ready for more fun and learning! Our sleep area is comprised of comfortable and clean sleeping mats. We ensure that each child will receive an adequate amount of rest daily.


Allowing children to play dress-up, pretend, interact with other children and develop their natural talents is paramount. We will strongly encourage children to open their minds and imagination.

Dance / Yoga

Dance is a fun way for children to express themselves, and encourages children to move around and interact with each other in a fun and safe environment. We offer cultural and free-style dance, and incorporate a yoga-based program to make sure children get mind-body connection and fitness through movement.

Arts and Crafts

Opening the minds of young children in a creative capacity is one of the most important things we offer. By utilizing different forms of media, such as craft paper, acrylic finger paints, crayons and chalk, the children can be free to create and expand their imagination.